In the Mail

Every now and then I receive mail that is visually interesting and today’s display is noteworthy not only for being folded but for the coordination of stamp with ink and the exceptionally nice handwriting. I meant to show it off weeks ago but as no one knew my intention my tardiness can have done no harm.

I couldn’t help but notice that the ink shimmers similarly to the stamp which is from the Bioluminescent Life series. Sadly, it is no longer available at USPS. Pity, but there it is. I wonder what the ink is. washi tape works well as a seal and has always come through the mail just fine. I'm including unfolding progression pictures should you like to try this for yourself.

I haven’t tried this fold yet but I have written a couple letters in booklet form copied from the booklet you can glimpse under the folds. I’ve posted about that here. Writing letters and pen-palling never get dull. There's always a new twist on things and an ever evolving conversation. 

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