Sealing Wax by the Pound

I recently, for the first time, purchased sealing wax beads by the pound. I go through quite a few beads and buying in bulk represents quite a savings. Pink had been my go to wax but now that the season is changing I wanted to shift gears to darker colors. Nostalgic Impressions offers beads packaged in two ounce tins. I ordered Crimson Red Pearl and Plum Dandy. The red is warmer than I like but it is not displeasing.

Not at all displeasing. 

The Plum Dandy is very pleasing indeed. This color may be my next bulk purchase. 

For reasons unknown the red and plum beads are smaller than the pink and require an extra bead in the melting spoon. Odd, but I'm not willing to use mental energy in pondering why. I'd rather use it reading. 

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