The Thursday Evening Post

It's a quiet evening in the Duffy household. Mr. Duffy is at the rector's house discussing church business. We're having a changing of the guard and will be in search of a new pastor. (sigh) That leaves me to read the letter I received today. It was the perfect letter: personal, well written, descriptive. Best of all, it made me laugh. It was written in a good humored spirit and made me feel the world was a healthy and pleasant place.

"Today is our first crisp, cool fall day. I had the gas logs blazing in the kitchen this morning." 

I was drawn in and wished I could have been at the kitchen table, coffee in hand, to enjoy the conversation. I suppose somehow I was. A letter can do that. It can transport one to another place and another moment to meet with a friend, just like a good book, only more real.

I may never write as well and my correspondent but perhaps in keeping such company I will myself become as engaging. 

Good's just another reason to write.

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