Graf von Faber-Casell Violet Blue Mini Review

Graf von Faber Castell Violet Blue ink has a wonderful color. With no pressure on the pen it has a paler appearance than seen below but with a little pressure it becomes perfect. It really may be the perfect ink. Much depends on pen and paper of course so I will offer that I have paired this ink with a Franklin-Christoph Model 55 equipped with a steel, medium, cursive italic nib and a generic 3x5 index card. According to the Anderson Pens website it is: water-resistant, UV-resistant, resistant to certain chemicals and solvents. If you're interested they have done a very nice review of this ink on their blog. You can see it here.

Violet Blue has a similar appearance to the previously reviewed Birmingham Pens Hydrangea but with less blue hue. For comparison, to the left of the photo you can see just a glimpse of Noodler's Baystate Concord Grape. This may have been an impulse buy but it proved to be a happy one.

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