Re-engaging After Rest

The last few months have been especially full and those if you with whom I have corresponded have been sympathetic. My schedule remains full but I've grown into it. In the midst of busyness I have learned to order my life to create needed margin and have learned to balance on the tightrope. I miss the days of having a broader path on which to trod but this is the deal I have now and there's no sense in making myself miserable with longing, backward glances. Looking forward is the only way to maintain balance.  

The truth is, I've missed blogging. More than that I've missed the presence of letter bloggers whom I've followed and with whom I've enjoyed epistolary conversation. Over the years most of them have vanished from both the blogosphere and my mailbox. The sadness of that in part motivates me to re-engage my digital quill and pick up where I left off. In coming posts I will share some reflections from the furlough but for now of letter writing I will say only that no matter what the schedule or circumstances there is great consolation in letters both sent and received.

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