Andy Warhol: Religion and Art

I enjoy the YouTube video series, Great Art Explained in Fifteen Minutes. In younger years my best friend and I were something of a small Andy Warhol fan club. I learned of his death from the radio while driving home one night. The first thing I did on arrival was to call Dinohra and tell her the news. We were stunned and deeply saddened. Life went on, my attention turned elsewhere and I thought little of Warhol since. Watching the video below felt like being reintroduced to an old acquaintance. It turns out he had been a closet but devout Byzantine Catholic who was in church most days, volunteered at soup kitchens, and lived with his mother. I really didn't see that coming. To use a phrase from Jane Austen, I am all astonishment. There was far more to the man than was publicly known. The religious Warhol is incongruent with the pop star Warhol yet they were the same man.  Write me and let me know what you think of this enigmatic character. See you in the mail.

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