Postal Elation

Just when I thought my postal year was complete with the release of Star Wars Droids and Espresso Drinks USPS has outdone themselves again with the launching of five new Forever stamps. The first is Heritage Breeds, already available.

 Animal lovers rejoice.

The next four are available for pre-order and include: Go for Broke: Japanese American Soldiers of WWII.

Looking like a follow up to the Lunar Eclipse series we have Sun Science.
Now you baseball devotees can rejoice and stock up on Yogi Berra.
And finally, Emilio Sanchez, an artist I'd like to learn more about. Every time an artist series is released I can't get enough of them. Why did I not buy more of Andrew Wyeth??
USPS excels at variety and offering fun as well as beautiful stamps. I only wish they would reprint them. Sadly, when they're gone they're gone. In stamps as in other things, enjoy the moment.

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