Letters to Children

 Lindsey at The Postman’s Knock has written a post titled, "How to Write Engaging Letters to Kids." It is worth the read and her tips can apply letters to adults. They include:

  • Write in Large Print 

 While I'm a fan of cursive and print only for the benefit of young children I do have a tendency to write large, something I at times strive against. Oddly, I used to have small writing. Next she says:

  • Include Illustrations or Goodies

My signature enclosure is a teabag. To a child I might send stickers or a pretty pebble. 

  • Ask Lots of Questions

Ask at least a couple. It helps keep the conversation flowing. It also shows interest.

  • Include Simple Stories

Love of stories is not exclusive to children. It is universal. Even everyday events can be made interesting. Mrs. Mays is particularly good at this with her wonderful use of descriptive language. Come to think of it, I haven't heard from her in a while. Perhaps I neglected to write back. That is easy enough to correct. It's never to late to restart a conversation.

  • Make a Fabulous Envelope
I can safely claim to have never made a fabulous envelope but have enjoyed the effort others have put into theirs. Perhaps I one day might become a calligrapher like Lindsey and send amazing envelopes but for now I will content myself with a simple classic look. Why not call lack of artistic display "classic." I'll let the sealing wax carry the day.

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