Making the Most of Every Opportunity

Starting full time work some months ago presented significant changes in my life and necessitated sorting my priorities. With significantly reduced leisure time I had to forego most of my hobbies and limit them two only two (painting and bookbinding). That was painful but my time budget allows for no more. Necessity drove me to make the most of every opportunity. I've been long acquainted with those words from St. Paul but of late they've taken on new applications. I really must make time count, especially my leisure time because it is the easiest to waste and there's so little of it. The reason Paul gives in his own context and purpose is that the days are evil. Sometimes it feels that way in my own context. I dislike having so little time to simply be at home and enjoy being. I am corralled of late into more doing. This only makes quiet, reflective times more precious, and as you know, such times are exactly what letter writing lends itself to. Add to that the pleasures of nib's smooth glide over paper and the aroma of melting wax and it's a wonderful time to be had, even if only for half an hour.

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