Sunday Morning Musings

I see it has been twenty days since my last post and as I have a few spare moments this beautiful Sunday morning I thought I would dash off a few hasty lines. Yesterday I meant to write letters. At least I meant to on Friday but when Saturday arrived I felt so perfectly indolent that I contented myself with doing as close to nothing as I in good conscience could get away with. Thus, no letters were written but the rest was delicious. At present I owe letters to Lennart in Sweden, Mrs. Mays in California, Mrs. Benn in California, and a short note to Mr. Pamplin in Louisiana.

Every now and then a regular writer drops away and I always wonder what happened. Did they tire of the conversation (I have few entertainment gifts)? Did they tire of writing altogether? Did they die? One has to wonder. 

These are just a few hasty lines indeed and as the clock now tells me it is time to dash off to church I must bring this letter to a close. I hope you are well. See you in the mail.


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See you in the mail!

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