Now This is How it's Done

There is mail art and then there is mail that is simply a work of art. This lovely piece of mail graced my mailbox recently and it was a happy circumstance that on this afternoon I had taken my mail to the coffee house to enjoy. It was fitting to open a letter such as this with a cappuccino which is its own art form. I appreciated the time my pen friend took to make such a presentation.

 And it was stashed with goodies.

The letter itself was the real prize as this friend writes long, lovely, and chatty epistles which I enjoy and admire but am unable to produce myself. Word economy seems to be an unalterable rule of life for me. I suppose I need to aim at high impact brevity. 

I hope you have a good mail day. 

Wishing you postal felicity,

Mrs. Duffy


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See you in the mail!

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