Serial Letter Writing

My girlfriend Shari is becoming quite literally a serial letter writer. What you see below is not the first series to arrive in my mailbox. Somehow a series of three and the requirement of reading them in the correct order feels like something of a treasure hunt. The term treasure hunt, while evoking certain images in my mind, is not at all off the mark because her letters (as all letters are) a treasure and one of my chief delights.

Naturally a cup of tea was warranted as a letters cannot be properly read without it. My tea choice for this reading was Earl Grey from loose leaf which I buy by the pound. It seems I buy everything by the pound these days. I confessed to Shari that my sealing wax problem pursuit has advanced to the degree that I now buy wax in bulk. That led to the question of how many seals a pound can make. The estimate is 700. Now you know.

I am pleased that my friend has discovered for herself the benefits of slowing down and sitting down to write. How much easier it is to organize one's thoughts in stillness and quiet. I take pleasure and satisfaction in knowing my friends (this one and others) share in something that has brought so much benefit to myself. May the letters fly between us!


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