Outgoing and a Word on Envelopes

Somehow the sight of outgoing mail makes me smile. Perhaps its sense of accomplishment and the feeling of, "Hey, I wrote three letters today!" Or maybe it's the knowledge that soon my letter will be in the hands of the recipient and they will enjoy the pleasure of having received mail. Happy mail. Not the usual circulars, bills, and junk mail that fills our boxes these days, but an honest to goodness letter. I like the thought of touching someone the way one only can in a letter. 

I've come full circle in a way. In my early days of pen-palling I made my own envelopes. I had more leisure of time then. Then I spent years in the pursuit of the perfect pen, paper, and ink combination. I used Original Crown Mill for a while, tried Claire Fontaine, Tomoe River, and various Neenah papers by the ream, then finally settled down in a comfortable relationship with Crane & Co. Did you know that Amazon sells Crane & Co. by the ream? I love the creamy, pearl white and the rich texture of their cotton paper, but to stretch my paper budget I make my own envelopes. Rather than using a template and scissors like I did previously, I invested in an envelope punch board. What a time saver and every envelope turns out perfect. Measure, score, punch and I've got an envelope. Apply glue and it's ready to go.     


A variety of sizes are possible provided you have paper large enough. A roll of craft paper should work just fine for all those birthday cards I like to send...but do I really want several hundred brown envelopes? But then...why wouldn't I?


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