Something to Write Home About

I never meant to be away this long but something interesting has finally happened and interesting experiences inevitably inspire a burst of creative energy.

Mr. Duffy and I have just returned from a visit to Seattle. Our main objective was to see the musical, "The Band's Visit," an Israeli production that was worth the trip. More on that later perhaps. Naturally, we did a few other things while we were there and after persevering through the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass, Mr. Duffy was rewarded with that which made the trip worth the effort for him: a visit to The Museum of Flight. At the museum I was happy to discover that our interests intersected. Much of early flight was concerned with mail delivery. 

Below is a detail of the plaque. Hmm, I didn't realize at the time but I didn't quite capture the whole thing. Oh well.

What a charming postal truck behind the plane.

On our first grand vacation a few years ago I had resolved to buy a book on every vacation. Through reading that book I could, in a way, relive the vacation. On our vacation to Victoria I forgot about buying a book and instead came home with a very pretty mug from Murchie's which fills the same role. This time I would have a book. Somewhere in the large city of Seattle there must be a book store. Surely. Lately I have been nourishing a love of poetry and entered into an epistolary conversation about it. I therefore resolved that I would buy a book of poetry. A friend's suggestion led us to Pike Place Market which was both unique and expansive. While exploring it we happened across a used book store and I knew destiny when I saw it.

The kind clerk directed me to a small poetry section and after a few minutes browsing I came out with "Beowulf and Other Old English Poems." 

I already have Beowulf and it's worth revisiting but it was the Other Old English Poems I was interested in. Was it not such as this that fueled Tolkein's imagination?
Then there was the Seattle Great Wheel which I view as the cherry on top of this whole wonderful sundae. It was over-priced for three rotations but; somehow, they missed letting us off when they were supposed to so we got our money's worth.

P.S. I brought friends along. The flight was a good opportunity to read some letters. 

I hope to meet in the mail soon!

Please direct comments to this post to: Mrs. Duffy P.O. Box 196 Kingsburg, CA 93631 See you in the mail!

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