For the Love of Stationery and Flowers

My cousin and I have been sending mail back and forth. She sent me a little book on contentment. It has a honeycomb and sunflower theme and browsing through its pleasant pages I was inspired to make myself a sheet sunflower stationery to write a letter to her on. Without calling it a competition, we have been trying to out-mail each other. Well, sunflower stationery...what could be more cheery? When it became clear I would need a second page I made sheet of pansy stationery. Now I was on a roll. On to the penguins. I haven't actually written on the penguin sheet yet but there is always opportunity. Somehow I feel I must keep making letter sheets. The inspiration bug has bitten. Why does its bite never thrust me forward to plow through that mountain of laundry I've been ignoring? There are some mysteries I will never understand.