The Final Post

Alas, I find it is time to retire Letter Matters. I have enjoyed receiving your letters, writing back to you, and interacting with other letter bloggers. Over the years and to my regret, many of the bloggers I followed have stopped posting and today few remain. I now join them in retirement. The last couple years have presented many challenges to maintaining Letter Matters. Those challenges, and my resulting lapses in posting, made me realize that it was time, or nearly so, to put down my digital quill. Until now, however, I was not ready to say goodbye to the dear old blog. Letter Matters has given me countless hours of enjoyment through the years and has brought my way many pen friends, some of whom are still faithful correspondents. Naturally, I will continue writing and maintaining those friendships. There are some things one simply does not retire from. Thank you, faithful readers, for your friendship along the way. I hope I have given you a quiet, restful place in our special little corner of the internet.

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