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In Praise of the Short Note

Some time ago I wrote a post ( found here ) about reclaiming the letter as normal correspondence. As I practiced that principle I began turning to blank note cards and recently had the happy surprise of finding a beautiful set of boxed cards in my desk that had been entirely forgotten about. I vaguely recall buying it with the idea of gifting it to someone unspecified. And what a happy gift to myself it has been! How could I have forgotten about something so pretty? And it has a pleasing quality too. Carrying the short note idea even further I am now turning my attention to postcards. On Amazon I found a nice set of post cards. The theme of the box is flowers as you can see below. The set contains one hundred postcards by 10 different artists, each contributing 10 cards each. I have offered you a sample of the variety found within. Considering that postcard stamps are significantly less than first class, I can send even more mail than before. And that, dear friends, is a good thing. Of

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